• SazzrahUK

    Cool review! So jealous you got to see Paul Dinello! I spent the summer volunteering in New York City and became obsessed with UCB, saw the writers do improv twice! and also saw Wyatt Cenac perform there, such a great place and the tickets are so cheap! Oh and ASSCAT3000 is awesome, although you have to queue for a long time! awww I miss it, if I lived in NY, I would go there every night lol

  • CN Helper

    Wow! Opus and Paul, how awesome. Gosh to have been there! Caroline you’re a lucky duck!

  • Caroline

    Here’s someone else’s Tumblr review of last night’s show. She says Eric Drysdale was there (I thought it could be him, but wasn’t sure). She has some good details on the sketches:


    One thing I’ll add is that during Opus and Paul’s anti-gay therapy sketch, they got into a slapfight! (It started as high fives and degenerated.)

  • Erin

    Oh hey, that’s my recap! Well this is awkward.

    I was actually going to comment before that it was, in fact, Eric Drysdale, but goodness, I cannot remember the other two writers’ names! Thanks for reminding me of the Opus-Paul slapfight, by the way.

    So yes, everyone. It was totally enjoyable.

  • Caroline

    Hi Erin,

    Your recap was really good. Hope it’s okay I linked to it. I found it while I was googling, trying to figure out who the other writers were. So, I’m pretty sure the woman was Cecilia Lederer (it definitely wasn’t Meredith) but who was that young, blond guy with the hipster look? Anyone have any ideas? It’s gonna bug me until I find out. I thought Opus said they were all current or former writers on the show, right?

    P.S. That’s cool you got to say “hi” to some of the writers after the show.

  • lockhart43

    Thanks for the great reporT, Caroline! I’m jealous that you got to see some of the writers perform, it sounds like a lot of fun! And it’s awesome that Paul was there. :D

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