September 21, 2011 — Daniel Yergin

The Colbert Report Episode Guide EPISODE NUMBER: 7119 (September 21, 2011)
GUEST: Daniel Yergin | Chrystia Freeland
SEGMENTS: Coming Soon – Hour-Long Radiohead Special | Solutions to America’s Financial Worries – World War III | Wall Street Under Siege | Sign Off – Cigar
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VIDEOS: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From C to Silent T

Next Monday’s hour-long episode of The Colbert Report will feature Radiohead, sponsored by Dr. Pepper.

Sgt. Pepper

"Long history with rock music for Dr. Pepper. Of course he started out as Sgt. Pepper, before eventually earning his PhD in Flavorology."


"Let me explain, Greece. A job is when you provide a service in exchange for something called money. Ask Italy. Wait, don't ask Italy."

Hitler Hulk

"Don't make me Hitler. You vouldn't like me vhen I'm Hilter. And for some reason, Poland takes Germany's 'We might become Nazis' thing pretty seriously."


"Supercalifragilistyourcountryisatrocious! Germany, you just got your ass served to you, and in England, that's a breakfast meat."



“So we’re never gonna get back to $1 gasoline? Because I used to love having those gas hose fights. So fun.”


  • audrey

    I was just thinking during your interview, how did that much inflation happen… like overnight, it was a dollar and then kind of skipped the 2 dollar mark and now can fluctuate between 3.50 and 3.66 in a day… how does that increase happen?

    Love your show!! 😀

  • Jeff Schrade

    I enjoyed seeing Daniel Yergin on tonight’s show.

    During the interview the Famous Mr. C made a reference to faucets spouting flames he said was caused by hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. While it makes for fun laugh line, the reality is that regulators in Colorado investigated that issue in 2008 and found that in the case in Colorado — featured in the movie “Gasland” — the natural gas that made the movie famous was “biogenic” in nature, meaning it was naturally occurring. Put another way, the flaming faucet was caused by the guy who drilled the water well…. it was drilled into a natural gas pocket. In short, that flaming faucet had nothing to do with fracking…

    Reality is so much less funny than Stephen Colbert… which is why I love watching the show!!!

    For more on the Colorado investigation, see:

    • lockhart43

      Thanks for the article, Jeff, and welcome to the site!

  • colbaby

    “From C to Silent T”

    Ha! Love it. I usually skip the intro because I watch the show online, so I didn’t see that this morning.

    Looking forward to Susan’s taping reporT!

    • susan209

      It’s coming! But I’m having some discerning eyes look it over…
      I loved that “From C to Silent T” phrase as well when I first saw it. I’d love that on a t-shirt, with his picture below it. Fitted, size small or medium, please.