NY Magazine: Amy Sedaris on Tanner Hall, Her Policewoman Fantasy, and Getting Confused for Amy Poehler.

There were reports a few years ago that you had signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to produce a sitcom with Paul Dinello. Whatever came of that?
Yes! It was a cop show. I guess they didn’t like it enough, so nothing happened with it. It was really funny — we thought it was really funny, but maybe it just wasn’t what they were looking for. I love cop shows and crime books and thrillers, and before I die I’m gonna play a cop. I was pitching that idea 25 years ago. I really wanna do this. I know it can work. I’m so interested in it, but it just hasn’t happened. But before I die, I know I’m gonna be a policewoman.

I was listening to an interview with Amy Poehler on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast, and she says people used to think she was you when you were both at Second City. Did people ever think you were Amy Poehler?
Yeah, she told me that. People always think I’m Amy Poehler, which never bothers me. I mean, Amy Poehler is great. I’m like, “No, I’m not on SNL anymore. I’ve been doing my own show in California.” That’s usually what I tell them. “Will and I are having a lot of problems. Will Arnett and I are getting a divorce. Yeah, I just had my second child.” She’s great, though, and I like her show a lot.

Full Interview: NY Magazine.

  • Katt

    It really is such a shame that so many of the projects Amy and Paul pitch get turned down by the networks. I really do hope that oneday soon one of them gets picked up.

    It would also be pretty cool if Amy hosted SNL. I think she would do an amazing job!!

    • susan209

      I wholeheartedly agree, Katt! She would be amazing hosting SNL! When I think about truly great female comedic writer/performers (Lilly Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Tracy Ullman and Amy, who I think belongs right up there) it strikes me that the world seems unfair to women in comedy. Tina Fey may be one exception, but if it wasn’t for her co-star, Alec Baldwin, I’m not sure her show would have been given the same chance. I wonder if advertising has something to do with it. Advertisers have a lot of sway, I think, in what gets produced because the bottom line is TV shows need to make money. Advertisers, particularly for late night shows, seem to drool over a young, male audience, and I think their assumption is that they won’t be able to sell the same volume of products with a female-run show. Which is a false assumption as far as I’m concerned. Chelsea Handler has been given a chance to succeed, but I think it’s because her comedy is a little rougher, and perhaps considered more appealing to young men. And as for sitcoms, they seem to be a dying breed. I just read in the NY Times that Maya Rudolph has been given an opportunity to star in her own sitcom; which is great, but it will be interesting to see what time slot she’s given. Still, good for her!
      I hope Amy gets her chance soon. She’s certainly waited long enough!

  • lockhart43

    I can’t even tell you how much I admire Amy Sedaris. For her to say that she’d much rather play the smaller role so she can have fun with it and just try new things, just because, is so refreshing. It’s inspiring to see someone that comfortable in their own skin. Of course, Amy seems to have the added benefit of being able to put on a wig and a body suit to hide her own skin, but even then, she just seems so happy to be doing her own thing. She’s crazy independent, and I love that. I’m so thankful to her and her brother David for making kooky seem a little more normal.

  • lockhart43

    Also, since I now have the chance to say this: that Six Degrees graphic is fantastic!

  • CN Helper

    I count myself as extremely fortunate to have seen Amy, Paul, and Stephen perform at the Second City Reunion in 2009. Paul and Stephen performed together in one scene, one where they play two brothers. It was so lovely, and I was drinking those two in as much as I could, but Amy appears for one nanosecond as their mother. I think at this stage of the game she likes those quick cameos, no matter what she is doing or with whom she is working. But you are like, “No, Amy, stay there! I want to see you!”

  • Roseha

    I would love to see Amy play a cop! Too bad Law and Order has been canceled, I could really see her as an amusing guest star in one of their lighter episodes.

    Why doesn’t Comedy Central let Amy do a show? She could do great improvising with practically no budget at all. I hope it happens for her.