Colbert SuperPAC’s Second ‘Rick Parry’ Ad.

8 thoughts on “Colbert SuperPAC’s Second ‘Rick Parry’ Ad.

  1. This is so brilliant! I like this one even better than the first. I love how it starts out saying directly that Iowans are “good people” who can “make up their own minds,” and how it mentions that Jobs for America is “pandering” to the people of Iowa. That’s injecting more than a kernel of truth. (Excuse the intended pun.) Then, however, it veers off into being humorous by making hay (another intended pun) of political advertisers’ pandering by going straight for the lowest method in all of advertising… making something that has nothing to do with sex, all about sex. Corn porn! Stephen gets them right below the corn belt (pun #3) with that one. What could be better than the line, “We’re getting all up in those niblets… Oh, yeah!”
    I can’t wait until the straw-pollsters have to add up all of the write-in votes and figure out whether someone with bad handwriting wrote “Perry” or “Parry!” Stephen, you have nerves of steel. Somebody, somewhere is going to start making a big fuss about how you messed around with the straw poll and I bet anything you are waiting with a gleeful twinkle in your eye for the fussing and fuming to begin!
    I hope Trevor Potter has figured out how to explain to whoever is doing the hollering that legally you can say anything you want in those ads, just like “Jobs for America” and everyone else. OH! And I LOVE the sickle and star on the “Jobs for Iowa” lunchbox! Can’t wait for more…
    (And no more puns, I promise. That’s the last straw.)

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    • Yes to everything you said Susan! Thank goodness Stephen has Trevor Potter on hand because this really is going to nerves of steel territory.

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    • Like Stephen said, “We throw ourselves into the pond of the news, and then we report on our own ripples.” I love that quote. And about the puns: Hay, I like your puns. Bale me out of this field of punniness. And that is why I don’t use puns.

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    • Oops. I meant to say “Jobs for Iowa,” but for some reason I kept thinking there was a PAC called “Jobs for America.” There probably is a PAC with a name like that for every state. So Stephen is just going to have to run 49 more ads like that!

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  2. Corn porn! Leave it to Stephen and his writers. The last part of that ad really cracked me up (from where the sexy music kicked in)

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  3. My response to this ad, as well as the first one, is going to be decidedly below eloquent (see? there’s probably a better way to say that), because I’m just so darn happy! I knew this ad would be played on TCR tonight, so I waited until the episode aired to see it. This is hilarious! The kernel popping at the end was the kicker. I love the ads, I love the media attention the ads are already getting, and I love Stephen and the writers for producing such great videos. This is everything I hoped would come out of Colbert Super PAC and so much more. :D

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