August 10, 2011 — Gloria Steinem

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 7106 (August 11, 2011)
GUESTS: Gloria Steinem
SEGMENTS: Super PAC Ad – Episode IV: A New Hope | Super PAC Ad – Behind The Green Corn | Romney 2012 – “Corporations Are People” | Colbert Super PAC – Rick Parry with an “A” for America | Colbert Super PAC – Confused by Rick Parry with an “A” for America | Gloria Steinem | Sign Off – Stephen’s Emmy Award
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VIDEOS: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ames straw poll musings, a viewing of the two first SuperPAC ads (with some serious cornography), and real Rage Against the Des Moines Media Machine were included in this episode. We also had some nice chemistry between friend of the show and attractive, non-Stephen straddling feminist icon Gloria Steinem.
I personally think Stephen was bit harsh on WOI ABC-5; we have to anticipate that not every small-town news organization will be able to appreciate the Super PAC’s message and efforts. I am grateful that two organizations did run the spots though. If this initial experience serves an indicator, our ads will be covering the air waves and spreading the message of our Super PAC all that more farther for the many months of this election cycle to come.
How did you feel about the first ad airings? Dish your thoughts in the comments.


–Corporations are people, my friend. They’re like members of your family. Your Brother fax machine, your Uncle Ben, your Aunt Annie, your Mama Celeste, your Go Daddy.

–It’s time to remake Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, this time, with an oil rig. You know, it is going to drive Spencer Tracy crazy thinking about his daughter getting drilled.

–I want to salute this brave man for his courageous new campaign slogan. And I am confident that it is one that voters will remember come election time.

–You can applaud me. Believe me, I understand the instinct.

–Sarah Palin is bringing her bus tour to America’s historic places, to the Historic Iowa State Fair, where Thomas Edison invented the funnel cake.

–Apparently, Sarah Palin’s version of the Bat Signal is anyone else’s spotlight.

–Write in Rick Parry with an “A.” Why “A”? Because there is no “E” in “team.”

–Controversy seems to follow me wherever I seek it.

–Oooooh, indeed.

–The fat cats in Des Moines think they can sit in their ivory corn silos, and play puppet master with our national politics, and guess what? We’re not invited. Are you gonna take it? Oh good, because I was afraid that you were going to take it and I don’t want to.

–Unlike WOI, I believe that Iowa voters can understand even a complex message like “go to the Ames straw poll- write in ‘Parry’- spell it with an ‘A.’”

–I am mad! I am hopping mad!

–You had my ad for two days, gentlemen. Hell, you had my monies for six days.

–I don’t know who you normally deal with, but WOI ABC-5, you have f***ed with the wrong people.

–You wouldn’t take our money to run our ad during a five o’clock new commercial break, but on the ten o’clock news you reported on it for free.

–Katie blew the lid off of garage-scale gate. Clearly, Katie, you are the only one I can trust. Call me!

–There’s spanx for men. Trust me.

Gloria Steinem: No one nursed you? SC: I had form-u-la. I am a child of the sixties.

GS: It’s important that children grow up knowing that men can be as loving and nurturing as women can.

–I thought the role of the father to take his emotion and stuff it down as much as he can, until it comes out inappropriately at Thanksgiving dinner.

–Penis envy. There’s nothing to be envious of, by the way. It’s really a burden.

"We’ve already had a very intimate evening here in the studio. I shared a few things."

"Saturday, of course, is the straw poll in Ames, a crucial test, to see if Midwesterners can put down a food plate long enough to mark a ballot."

"In an attempt to get more voters, Ron Paul had himself batter-dipped and deep fat fried."

"With Romney’s historic statement of corporate personhood, he has become this generation’s civil rights champion, a Dr. Martin Luther, Inc., if you will."

"That is some ear-sizzling, hot-buttered, below-the-corn-belt action that is bound to appeal to Iowans basest kernal instincts. I better go to commercial before I jiffy-pop."

"Confusing to Iowa voters? Really? We’re not talking about the d*ps***s over in Nebraska, this is Iowa!"

SC: I have heard you say that you are uncomfortable as being perceived as ‘pretty.’ GS: It has to do with being identified with your outsides, not your insides. So women who were pretty just succeeded because they were pretty, and women who were not pretty, whatever that means, succeeded because they could not get a man. SC: But the fact is, you’re pretty. GS: You’re pretty, too. SC: I’ve been waiting the whole interview for that.

I feel pretty: "I can't believe I had to wait 6 minutes for that."

  • susan209

    That episode was AWESOME!!!! Just to watch Stephen get mad and say to that local news station, “What the F#@%?!?!” was worth staying up way too late. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cheer, so I did a bit of both. He was AMAZING.
    And then, how sweet was he with Gloria Steinem? I love her too. She is probably my biggest female hero. So to see Stephen not turn-it-up too high and to let her really talk, was just great. And she looked absolutely beautiful. So to hear him say to her so genuinely, “You are pretty,” was just the sweetest, most sincere thing I nearly wanted to cry. And I loved her response, “You’re pretty too.” I think these two people really like each other and respect each other. And I got to see my two favorite heroes! What a great night!!!

    • susan209

      And here’s my famous one-more-thing comment…
      The wonderful chemistry between Stephen and Gloria Steinem was so genuine and sweet, that it made Jane Fonda’s attempt at seducing him all those episodes ago seem all the more crass. I admire Jane Fonda, but Gloria… you do it with style. You really do. And you are one beautiful woman. Stephen is right.

    • lockhart43

      I loved how he didn’t know how to respond right away to Steinem saying “You’re pretty, too.” And then like a champ, he ad-libs that great line, “I’ve been waiting the whole interview for that.” Definitely a fantastic end to a fantastic interview.

  • Caroline

    Sorry to hear that Comedy Central videos suddenly aren’t available in Australia, Katt. I know that has happened in other countries in the past, too (the UK, for one). I think there are some work-arounds you could try, to be able to watch the show. Sorry, I don’t remember them (Italy, where I lived, was never blocked). Anyone from the UK out there who can help? Was Canada blocked, too?

    I agree that blocking these videos in certain countries is infuriating (and it’s also idiotic and counter-productive).

    • Caroline

      Katt, If you have Firefox (or add it) then try this solution:

      I have messaged you with more details

      (Colbaby mentioned this in another thread.) If it works for blocked videos in UK, it might work for Australia, too. Good luck!

      • Anna S

        Caroline (and Colbaby), thanks so much for this! I’m in Australia too and checked after Katt’s comment to find that videos are now blocked for me too. But installed this add-on and now they’re back! Hooray! (FWIW, I checked with my software engineer husband before installing, as I do not speak Computer, and he thought it looked fine to do and shouldn’t mess up anything else.)

        • Katt

          I was using that method Anna and it stopped working. What version of FF are you using?

          • Anna S

            Oh no :( – I have FF 5.0.1 (on a Mac but I guess that shouldn’t matter), and it says that’s the latest version.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    @Katt: So sorry to hear about what Viascum has done to you & all our Aussie hubster sisters and brothers.
    I agree with the comments of Susan209 and Lockhart43 about the Steinem interview. But I don’t know why everyone is so down on the Jane Fonda interview. I mean, Lockhart43 hates the olds & fears them running around fornicating everywhere like Hugh Hefner. Which, of course, is a perfectly reasonable fear that I share. But, I liked the Fonda’s interview for the way Stephen’s face went beet red with embarrassment when she sat on his lap & because it was the first (Only?) time anyone ever got the better of him.
    I was really glad Stephen/TCR did a bit about Mitt Romney’s (AKA Martin Luther, Inc.) “Corporations are people, my friend.” comment. I also loved how during the segment Stephen almost broke when he said, “And you know it’s going to drive Spencer Tracy crazy when he thinks about his daughter getting drilled.” 😀

    • susan209

      Oh, I almost forgot about the “daughter getting drilled” comment! Yes, I remember his almost breaking character and wishing he would just go ahead and laugh ’cause it’s wonderful to see him tickled by something (or someone… that would be even better… but it would be a different show.)
      And you know, I’m really not so down on the Jane Fonda interview. Honest. I enjoyed the vicarious thrill of seeing someone have their way with him, I admit. But in comparison, Gloria Steinem didn’t have to “do anything” or come on strong… she just radiated warmth and smarts and she drew Stephen to HER, rather than the other way around. That’s all. Like I said, I admire Jane Fonda. But I think that if she really wanted to flirt with him, she could have trusted her own attractiveness more and who knows, maybe he would have sat on HER lap… (ha, ha, ha). Oh, and Gloria Steinem’s blouse was very sexy, I thought. You can’t tell me my hero didn’t know what she was doing. She picked out that blouse and thought to herself, “Let him just take this all in…” She is an inspiration. I want to be her when I grow up to be seventy-seven. Yes, that’s right. That gorgeous, smart, sexy woman is SEVENTY-SEVEN. You know what the difference was between this interview and the Fonda interview? I WISHED they would have kissed, or hugged, or something, because they had such a genuine rapport.

    • lockhart43

      Ha! Yes, I guess I do have a fear of the olds engaging in activities à la Hugh Hefner. Other than that though, the olds are generally adorable when I’m not driving behind them. 😉

      But, I liked the Fonda’s interview…because it was the first (Only?) time anyone ever got the better of him.

      That’s a legitimate opinion, I can understand that. I do like the fact that she was able to get the best of him so early on in the days of TCR. The reason why I don’t care for the Jane Fonda interview is partly my own fault. That interview is so awkward that it’s really hard for me to watch the whole thing. I just squirm and feel uncomfortable, and the fact that Stephen is visibly uncomfortable makes it worse.

      I’m glad you brought up the line about Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, I loved that line. It was great, not only that they threw in a joke about Spencer Tracy, but that the audience laughed so hard at it. And the segment about the Iowa news channel refusing to air the Colbert Super PAC ad was hilarious!

  • Mariana312

    This was a great episode. Stephen was so flirty and feisty throughout. I love the feeling when you hear or read about something in the news and you know for certain that it will be covered on the Report. Mitt Romney’s comment was definitely one of those things, and Stephen’s/TCR’s response did not disappoint! BTW, any lurkers out there care to give as a reporT of what made the Q&A so “intimate”?

    • susan209

      Sorry to take up so much of this thread, but yes, I want to know what “intimate” thing he shared with the audience too! Do tell!!!

      • Patty

        LOL. I was in the audience and the intimate thing he was referring to is a question he had answered during the Q&A. It was actually my question! I had asked “In LotR, which character’s evolution impressed him most, except Aragorn?” And Stephen went on an EPIC diatribe about the Silmarillion’s and LotR.

        • susan209

          Ah well. It wasn’t quite the intimate thing I had hoped, but I love your description! Thanks for the info, Patty. And good question!

        • lockhart43

          Thanks so much for sharing that, Patty! I actually love how many audience questions Stephen gets about LotR; it sounds like he never gets tired of talking about his love of LotR, and I never get tired of listening to him. So good question!

  • Anna S

    I loved the take-down of the Iowa news channel (sorry, can’t remember which one). Stephen was so FIERCE! And then they played half the ad and covered it on their late bulletin anyway for free? Hahaha!

  • susan209

    Did I miss something? I was visiting my fangirl friends over at CN (not the C-Section though) and there was some discord about Stephen calling Gloria “pretty.” One fellow fangirl thought that it was a joke and that it was essentially just “Stephen” being dimwitted and using “pretty” as an insult. It couldn’t have been, could it? Because that was one of my favorite things about this episode and as I said before, I thought it was so sweet and genuine that it just made my heart melt. Did anyone else think it was a joke? Also, I am a tried and true feminist, but I’ve never taken the word “pretty” to be anti-feminist. (What I wouldn’t give to have Stephen “insult” me by telling me I’m pretty!) I thought Gloria’s point just before his compliment was that she didn’t like to focus on her attractiveness because it minimizes who she is as a person. She wants people to concentrate on what a powerful woman she is. But I don’t think “you are pretty” was intended to be a refutation of that. I don’t know, but as I responded on CN, I can’t imagine that Gloria put on a black blouse with see-through sleeves, put on make-up and dyed her hair with highlights because she thinks “pretty” is an insult. Like it or not, looks count when you’re in the public eye. She knows she’s gorgeous. She went undercover as a Playboy bunny in her youth, for goodness sakes. She had to know she was going to get the job! She had to know that she could do that assignment because she could pass for a Playboy bunny. Anyway, sorry to go on. I just felt like I had the wind taken out of my sails when I read the post saying that the “pretty” comment was all some sort of sexist joke. No, no, no. It wasn’t. (Right?) A sexist joke wouldn’t have made me melt. Still, this is making me feel very icky inside at the moment.

    • lockhart43

      I think your nerves can rest easy, Susan; I don’t think he was using “pretty” as an insult. I think he was using it to go digging and get more out of Steinem, but I think he was still genuine in saying it. “Stephen” just put a little extra emphasis when he said “pretty,” and I didn’t take anything negative out of it. And when Steinem said the line, “You’re pretty, too,” Stephen decided that was the perfect way to end the interview and that was that.

      • susan209

        Thanks, Lockhart43. It’s interesting how we can all watch the same show and yet see different things. But I guess that’s good. Funny what will ruffle my feathers sometimes. Thanks again for your reassurance. I am probably sleep deprived at the moment, so that may add to my feeling emotional.

    • Erika

      I don’t think it was either, not in the slightest. I really do think he wanted to compliment her, because he really does think she is pretty. It’s something he does fairly often, in fact, and I love how he calls all women, regardless of age, “young lady”. I just LOVE that. Stephen is a gentleman, and he’s also very pro-feminism so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

      • susan209

        Thanks, Erika. I know that Stephen is a feminist himself, but there were people who thought that “Stephen,” the character, was in full blowhard mode and that he was being sexist. But I’m going to stick with my original perception. It was sweet and very touching, and “pretty” is not an insult. Also, if someone said to Stephen, “You know, a lot of women think you’re handsome. Does it bother you that women see you as something of a sex symbol? Do you think you’re not taken as seriously?” To which he would probably reply that his looks have been useful, but he hopes people can see beyond that and understand his satire. Just like Gloria might enjoy a compliment on her appearance every now and then, but also wants to be sure people see the real Gloria underneath. Thanks for all of your perspectives!