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8 thoughts on “This Week In the Hub: August 1st — 7th

    • I really liked that article, too. This was one of my favorite quotes:
      “Though it is just one of many areas in American religious life that Colbert finds occasion to lampoon, the Christian responsibility to the poor and the perceived lack of consistency between professed beliefs and deeds in the contemporary church is something the comedian often addresses… He can be very much like the Old Testament prophets in that way, suggests Heaps.”
      That’s quite a comparison! But, I agree. And as a non-Christian who is very interested in any and all religions, I find it very touching that his beliefs inform the work that he does. I also get the sense that he is very respectful toward other religious beliefs, as well as toward people who might say they don’t believe in a higher power. I don’t think one has to be a member of any particular religion to find Stephen’s personal thoughts on this subject touching and inspiring. I’m so glad this article was posted!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! Here I am going on and on about Stephen’s inspiring beliefs and I just noticed that I’ve been posted under “Fan Submission!” I feel so honored! Thank you! Thank you very much!

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  2. Hey all,

    First time stumbling on this site, I actually didn’t know it existed until I saw that a few people had clicked through to the Suite 101 article from here. So cool to see such thoughtful discussion going on around Colbert – I find him extremely compelling!

    I actually am a Christian, but happen to think that the church is desperately in need of voices like Colbert’s. His capacity to point out the absurd in a way that people might actually be able to hear (something that often happens through song, art, story… or in Colbert’s case through satire that tends to be extremely funny) is so important to a church that is mostly floundering in this time and place.

    Susan – so well said, and I really appreciate your perspective. Sadly, I suspect there are many apologies owed for the voices coming from the church that are antithetical to the love at the center of the Christian story.

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    • Thanks for checking us out here! If you are interested in Stephen Colbert, you can tell you are in the right place. Your article was very thoughtful. I am a practicing Catholic myself, and have always appreciated Catholics (like Mr. Colbert) who can criticize that which needs to be criticized, while affirming the fundamental values of faith, hope, and love that keep us in the Church to begin with. I agree that Stephen both on his show and in his public work is a great advocate for the Church and Catholicism….and basic moral goodness, regardless of creed, although I don’t think he explicitly intended to be so.

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