Amy Sedaris – “Downy Unstopables” Commercial.

“Watch Amy Sedaris, Laundry Expert, show you how to shake up your laundry with Downy UNSTOPABLES™ in wash scent booster. Learn how these feisty little beads infuse your wash with scent and freshness that just won’t quit. Available in two feisty scents: Fresh and Lush.”


  • CN Helper

    Oh my God. I am glad they let her be “Amy” and ad lib a little bit. “…saved my marriage.”
    This was great.

  • Erika

    Who’s Ronny? What happened to Glenn??? She’s so cute.

  • susan209

    She looks great and is adorable, but I wish some smart producers would create a show for her so she wouldn’t have to do laundry “scent booster” commercials. Why does anyone need a scent booster? Who came up with the idea that laundry smells bad when it comes out of the dryer? (The same person who came up with that “Hail To The V” ad?) Still, I’m happy for her that she has the exposure. I hope it leads to venues that can really show off her wonderful talent.

  • lockhart43

    I’m with Susan: Will someone please, for the love of all things good and great, give this woman another television show?! She’s hilarious, adorable, and she looks absolutely fantastic. At the very least, someone give her a show on the Travel Channel. She can travel around New York City and find quirky stores. I would watch that show for sure.

    • CN Helper

      and also @susan209 If you look at Dan Dinello’s site, there is a mention that Jon and Stephen were (at some point) trying to create a show for Amy and Paul based on Amy’s second book. But plans such as these are ephemeral at best.

      • susan209

        It’s so wonderful how they support each other. It’s such a horrible business and it’s a struggle no matter how talented the person. I remember hearing their story about how they came up the ladder together from Second City and thinking how their friendship and working collaboration was a key to each of their success. I’m very glad to hear that at least some attempt has been made to get Amy a show… Where are the strong women comedians? You could go back to Joan Rivers and Carol Burnett and you’d find that there were at least some women who carried a comedy show, whether variety or sitcom or otherwise. Amy would be the perfect candidate to host a variety/talk show, or even play the lead in a comedy/drama series. Ah, well.

  • Roseha

    Amy would be great on cable, not only on the Travel Channel, but on some kind of cooking/home type show where she could just ad lib and take off on whatever she’s doing. People would love it.

    Of course she can also act and do much more but it’s just amazing how many ways she can be funny (not unlike Stephen….)

  • Jimbo

    Really a pleasure to see Amy Sedaris successful in commercial endeavors. She is a great comedian and regretfully seriously underexposed.

  • Pete

    I love it. I so thought she was gonna say “it’s like shoveing a rainbow up your *&%. That would be so much like her. LMAO

  • ERIN

    I LOVE HER DRESS!!! Does anyone know who the designer is or where one might purchase?

    • Freya

      I think the dress is by Talbot’s, with the neckline re-done. Their Oval Dots dress is just the same with a higher neckline.

  • Andrew

    Adorable hec she’s Beautiful and her eyes melt me through the dang tv, yes she needs her own show and soon.@susan209