July 14, 2011 — Jose Antonio Vargas

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 7090 (July 14, 2011)
GUESTS: Jose Antonio Vargas
SEGMENTS: Intro – 7/14/11 |Carmageddon | May the Best Stephen Colbert Win | Murdoch’s Media Empire Might Go Down the Toilet | Improvised Expressive Devices | Jose Antonio Vargas | Sign Off – Goodnight
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VIDEOS: Thursday, July 14, 2011

In this episode, we close a truly fantastic week with an Emmy (nominee) celebration, some terrifying transit news for our friends in California, some excellent art commentary, and a thorough review of Mr. Murdoch’s current unraveling control of, well, his total media control.

I imagined at some point this week Stephen would touch on the amazing situation with Murdoch. Is this the turning point, and an argument for de-monopolizing media? Only time will tell, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun watching Rome burn.

It was also fun watching Jose Antonio Vargas, such a sweet guy, but Stephen was all poker face, staying closely in character. We all know how important the issue of immigration is to Stephen, so you aren’t fooling anyone, Sir.

"I've already got two, so this could lead to an Emmy three-way."

"We thought enhanced interrogation would give us information, but instead we turned Gitmo into an artist’s colony full of literally tortured artists."

And some art commentary, reminiscent of old;

Consider this still life by one of the inmates. The melon; cleft in twain, a severed completeness, an island identity isolated from the whole, proxy for the prisoner removed from society, foregrounded the reduction becomes amplification, hegemonic historical myth-making, undercut by the end-scape non-space of the White, this is canvas as theater of existential warfare, an insurgency of the voiceless subaltern.

Some great work from the graphics department- shout out, hey!

A little Australia shout-out.

There’s been no mention of my favorite Anglo- Austrailian- American- media billionaire mogul News Corp Chairman and Five Time Illluminati Dark Lord of the Month Rupert Murdoch.

"Raise your right hand. Raise your left hand. Now, go turn yourself into the authorities."

  • colbaby

    Haha, loved that little flailing run from the desk after he said goodnight. Too cute. And boy he really cranked up the character for that interview. Vargas was a great sport about it, and I cracked up at the end when he had his hands up. Oh Stephen, you’re a cruel man indeed.

    And once again, props to John Oliver for his Shuttle segment. The first thing I ever wanted to be was an astronaut, so my inner 3 year old shed a tear the day the shuttle lifted off for the last time. I loved his genuine excitement over seeing a launch in person. And Tom Hanks? I just want to high five that guy.

  • susan209

    I loved that little “flailing” run at the end too. I guess he’s looking forward to relaxing at home after a week of so many good shows (and being nominated for the Emmys as well).
    I know it probably sounds obvious to everyone who adores him, but when I see Stephen do interviews in character around issues that he seems to genuinely care about, such as the way immigrants (whether “legal” or “illegal”) get treated, his compassion just shines right through his character and you can see what a truly deeply feeling person he is. At least that’s the way I felt last night while watching the interview. I loved how his character really held onto that ultra-conservative position in order to demonstrate its folly. Oh, and one of my favorite moments was when Mr. Vargas said he was Philipino, and “Stephen” replied “Water Mexican.” Water Mexican. Oh, God. Stephen, you are so brilliant, I just don’t know where to begin. But give me a chance and I’ll begin somewhere. Great big hugs to you Stephen Colbert. What a great episode!

  • Anna S

    Who’s got two thumbs, and is incredibly bad at gesturing at himself? Ha! LOVED this episode right from the start! Tom Hanks is SO funny and such a good sport. This is still one of my favourite ever TCR segments: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/229955/june-10-2009/tom-hanks-care-package

    (PS: Hello! I lurked forever on NFZ and missed it so much after the rapture – so figured it’s definitely time that I came out of lurkdom and shared the Colbert joy.)

    • lockhart43

      Hi Anna! Glad to see you on here!

    • Karenatasha

      Hello, Anna S! Nice to have you here. Welcome.

    • Shellichelle

      Yay! Welcome Anna!

  • lockhart43

    Stephen’s “Water Mexican” line was a thing of beauty. He was so quick to come back with that, it was fantastic. I thought Vargas handled “Stephen” very well. And it was nice how they tied the “Carmageddon” (Carmageddon? Really? The world’s gonna end because you have to take a detour?) story to Stephen and the show being nominated for an Emmy. Everything’s always about you, Stephen.

    Stephen’s flailing run at the end of the show was crazy adorable. As was the smile on his face.

  • Mariana312

    Another great episode to round off a particularly high-quality week. I loved the return of Stephen’s art historical criticism. Whoever writes that stuff is brilliant and of course Stephen can read it like no other.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    @lockhart43 My dear friend. I live in California. And yes, anything that affects car travel, (even for a weekend) is the end of the world.
    Especially scary is when little drops of water inexplicably fall from the sky smashing our windshields causing us to crash. Or even worse, stop!
    I just pray that doesn’t occur during this current crisis.

    • lockhart43

      What if it gets cold and those little drops of water suddenly turn into what we in the East like to refer to as flakes of snow (also commonly known as snowflakes)? Insanity! Not that it’ll happen in California in the middle of July, but I just want to prepare you for everything.

      I pray that you are able to survive what is sure to be an incredibly inconvenient weekend, friend. ;P

      • Mr. Arkadin

        “What if it gets cold and those little drops of water suddenly turn into what we in the East like to refer to as flakes of snow (also commonly known as snowflakes)?”

        The little drops of water becoming… “flakes of snow?” *Stares blankly*

        Oh, Lockhart43! You had me going there for a moment! Ha! You’re such a comedian!

  • Mr. Arkadin

    My favorite part of the show was the Gitmo art segment. To me, it was almost as good (and biting) as “The Word.” Particularly, the finally image and slashing last words revealing W and Obama as “performance artists” of torture.
    If I could, I’d give Stephen & the writers an Emmy for that closing alone.
    On a much lighter note. Does anyone know if last night’s shout out to viewers in Italy was inspired by a visit to the show by former NFZ completist Jennie?

    • Caroline

      My favorite part of the show was also “The Word”. Brilliant, biting comedy.

      I agree the whole show was top notch. Yes, the “Stephen” character was dialed up to 10 for the Vargas interview. I always feel a little sorry for guests when that happens, but Vargas handled it well.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    @Anna S
    I just wanted to join Lockhart43 and welcome you as well. :)

    • Anna S

      Thanks :)

  • Cee Martinez

    Oooo hahaha vargas was such a good sport I’da been sweatin bullets if I were facing Stephen in full blown character like that. Wonderful show. That art segment rocked hard, I applauded and I was at home. XD

  • Roseha

    My favorite part hands down was the Gitmo Art segment. It reminded me of Stephen’s Christo piece from the Daily Show – and a mention from his writers that it’s so great to write for Stephen since he can pull anything off with his diction and enunciation (and acting – I add!)

    Still, Carmageddon was hilarious too.