Fan Art: Saintly Steve Edition

Today’s Fan Art submission is provided by illustrator Cyril van der Haegen, who has created something truly pious entitled “Saint Colbert and His Flock.”

It features a benevolently peering Jon Stewart as well.

Cyril explains the symbolism of the piece to CNH thusly:

I was trying to think about portraying the essence of Stephen Colbert, who is more than a patriot saluting and really a Dexter radical Messiah of the airwaves, and as such, portraying him as an omniscient Shepherd in a Classical setting.. [it was] I thought, more appropriate, especially if his flock were to be represented by unquestioning loyal and reverent sheep. In addition, I couldn’t pass the ‘Bread and Circus’ reference symbolized by a load of bread and a Gladius (Panem et Cicenses, from Roman times), and of course, the two pillars of support that Stephen always admire: the Bible and Sweetness. Saint Colbert’s aura is made of the dollar coin, with text changed to read ‘Holy Truthiness of America’. The Eagle is constantly watching, as is Jon Stewart, of course.

With TCR “Chaplain” Fr. James Martin commenting recently on Twitter that the Catholic Church needs more lay saints, may I submit as exhibit “A” this work for recommending a great candidate: Saint Stephen of Charleston.  But, you know, in a hundred years.

Check out more of Cyril van der Haegen’s impressive medieval-esque renderings here and here.

  • susan209

    This one is great. I love the detail in the sheep. Where are you finding all of these wonderful works of art? Are they submissions from his portrait contest? I can’t help but wonder if Stephen has seen this one. I bet he’d love it. Imagine him knowing that he’s inspired so many artists…

  • CN Helper

    This particular work was submitted for the portrait contest by the artist, and forwarded to me from the blog to post about. I can’t take any credit for discovering this lovely fan art, but you are right, it’s really beautiful.

  • lockhart43

    This post gets two hat tips: one for the awesome, awesome piece of art, and another for the completely apt phrase “Saintly Steve.”