Jul 07

The Ed Sullivan Theater Marquee Gets An Unexpected Makeover

It’s been over a month since David Letterman’s icon ‘Late Show’ marquee was removed from the Ed Sullivan Theater, and while constructing continues on a new marquee for the upcoming ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’, a new temporary marquee was spotted this morning by Twitter user @Ohhleary.

The new temporary banner features Stephen Colbert alerting passersby that Angelo’s Pizza is still open during the rebuilding process. Currently their neon sign is obscured behind scaffolding and construction vehicles working on the theatre’s upgrade.

Jul 06

Six Degrees: June 2015 Catch Up

Six Degrees of Stephen Colbert Welcome to the ‘Six Degrees Catch Up Edition’ featuring all the latest happenings and goings on in the world of ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’ staff and ‘Friends of the Show’.

In this month’s catch we have interviews with Frank Lesser, Peter Gwinn, Cullen Crawford, David Sedaris, Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee, new books from Father James Martin and Jimmy Fallon, and Jon Batiste & Stay Human are gearing up perform at MOMA Nights.

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Jul 05

In the Press – June 2015

Stephen Colbert news When news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub find them for a post we call, In The Press.

Two months left Nation, two! After months of getting only scarce evidence that Stephen was still alive, June came around and brought us a new website and lots and lots of things to look forward to every week. From videos, to podcasts, ‘press releases’, polls and tweets—we’ve been truly spoiled! This month’s edition of In The Press covers, among other things, anticipation for The Late Show, some more articles on the business side of late-night, and the upcoming Emmy nominations.

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Jul 04

So Just How Did Stephen Colbert End Up on Public Access Television in Michigan?

Stephen Colbert interviews Eminem

So just how does the incoming host of ‘The Late Show’ end up guest hosting a local interest program on a public access station in Michigan?

Edward Pevos from MLive Michigan goes behind-the-scenes at Mpact and details how Stephen Colbert came to interview Eminem on ‘Only in Monroe‘, and why it happened in Monroe out of all places.

While Dave Itzkoff from ‘The New York Times‘ spoke to the program director of Mpact, Lance Sottile, about how Stephen Colbert’s surprise turn as guest host of ‘Only in Monroe’ came about, and being in the dark on who the programs special guest would be.

And ‘Only in Monroe’ cameraman and host of ‘The Lotus Gingko Show’, Lee Markham talks to 104.3 WOMC about what it’s like to work with Stephen Colbert and meeting Eminem.

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Jul 02

Stephen Colbert Guest Hosts ‘Only in Monroe’

The people of Monroe, Michigan got a surprise on Monday night, when Stephen Colbert and a crew of approximately ten, including writers, producers and directors stopped by Larson’s Bar.

Owner Donald Bozynski “said the comedian was directed to Larson’s after he stopped for gas and asked for a place to eat. He said Mr. Colbert told them that they will discover why he was in Monroe in the next day or so” (via Monroe News).

As it turns out, Stephen was in town to guest host ‘Only in Monroe’ on Monroe Public Access Cable Television (MPACT), where he interviewed and painted his nails with regular hosts Michelle Bowman and Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Wilson, and spoke to “local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music, Marshall Mathers” (aka Eminem).

‘Only in Monroe’ is currently cablecast simultaneously over Comcast Channel 21/916 and Charter Communications Channel 187.

Jul 02

The Late Show Podcast, Episode 5: What Do You Think It’s About Chicago?

The Late Show Podcast In the fourth episode of ‘The Late Show Podcast‘, Stephen Colbert is accompanied by ‘Late Show’ writers Cullen Crawford and Jen Spyra.

Jen was the senior writer at “The Onion,” but also studied improv in Chicago.  She knew she wanted to be a comedian but didn’t know how to go about accomplishing this.  Stephen recalled how he had a similar experience when he was in high school.  He knew he wanted to enter into comedy, but since he didn’t do stand-up, wasn’t sure which path to take.

Cullen, on the other hand, knew there was a career in comedy, but that was for the “lucky people.”  He believed he would have to “plow through life and then die,” because asking for anything more would be selfish.  His strict Catholic upbringing led him to this philosophy, including his recollections of praying for people in Purgatory as a child.  Jen, however, was raised in a Reformed Jewish family, where it was more about being social and leading up to her Bat Mitzvah.  She said her education was more about hanging out and cutting class, but today, wishes she knew more.  When Stephen asked her what Torah passage she chose, she explained it was from Leviticus and about lepers.  She could not recall any of it, but Stephen remembered the story.  He went on to explain that his father was an immunologist and visited leper colonies.  “That’s how I got into comedy,” he jests.

When Robert Smigel was producing, “The Dana Carvey Show,” he handed Stephen a stack of 30 “Onion” newspapers and said, “I want you to get this voice into your head.”  They had planned on doing a Onion News Network skit and Stephen was going to be the anchor. When they shot the scene, there was a lighting problem and his head was looking “weird” on camera.  This is when he first realized one of his ears was a different shape than the other.

Jen and Cullen both lived in Chicago for seven years.  At Appalachian State College in North Carolina, Cullen knew he wanted to write but to use his words to “move people.”  He had to take play writing classes and ended up liking it so much, he decided to move to Chicago to try play-writing.  Jen attended Barnard College in New York, but after freshman year, was introduced to to improv. She ended up attending Improv Olympic (now called IO) in Chicago.  The Olympics did not want them using the word “Olympic” in their title, so they were forced to change it to IO.  Stephen recalled that his brother Ed, who legally represents the Olympics, was a part of this.

Stephen questioned why so many great comedians have come out of Chicago.  He said he had four slots to fill and all of them came out of Chicago and didn’t even know this when reading their work.  Cullen said there are two branches that come out of Chicago-people who are prepping to do work in LA and people who aren’t in it for a career but just want to be funny.  In NY and LA, you are trying to impress people but in Chicago, you are just trying to make yourself laugh.  Stephen said that a mindset he has carried over from ‘The Colbert Report’ to The Late Show’ is, “All I want to do over the next year is do 200 hours of comedy that I wouldn’t mind my friends seeing.”

Stephen ended the discussion with the hope the are both having a good time. He knows he has been “bungeeing” his way into meetings but be promised them this is not his usual involvement and is usually much more hands on with the writing process.  He is there every morning during the pitch meetings but the amount of work putting this show together has required twice as much attention as ‘The Colbert Report’.  He recalls going to the studio and crawling up through the roof and saying, “maybe we can bring the digital projector through here?”  The reply, “why are you here?”  Stephen feels he needs to be doing something at all times and wants to make sure everything is working out properly.

Jun 30

Stephen Colbert Accepts the Give Them 20 Challenge

John Oliver recently accepted the Give Them 20 from Jon Stewart, and in turn nominated Stephen Colbert, Rob Riggle and The Rockettes to #GiveThem20.

The Give Them 20 challenge is an initiative of the American Corporate Partners (ACP), a non-profit organisation which focuses on assisting returned United States military personal transition from military to the civilian life, and helps them work towards their new careers.

To participate in the #GiveThem20 challenge, simply get creative and dedicated 20 push-ups, sit-ups, etc. to the veterans, then challenge two friends to do the same on social media. Don’t forget to tag your friends and share your video using #GiveThem20.

Jun 28

Stephen Colbert Weighs in on #LoveWins

Following the Supreme Court’s decision Friday that the Constitution guarantees all Americans the right to same-sex marriage, media coverage was abuzz with reaction to the landmark ruling. Social media erupted into a deluge of rainbow-colored updates and was trending with the hashtag #LoveWins. The White House was similarly lit up in celebration.

Stephen and his Late Show staff released a video late Friday night with their take on the decision, entitled “June is A Lovely Time for a Wedding.”

Stephen has covered the issue of gay marriage for a long time, and even through the mask of his Report character his support for same-sex marriage rights has been very clear. (My favorite piece on this issue was “Jonathan,” remember that one?) It was nice to be able to see him express his approval without any conceit of the character, and conclude by swatting himself with gay pride flags.