Mar 04

Stephen Colbert to Deliver the 2015 Commencement Address at Wake Forest University

Comedian, political satirist and late night television host Stephen Colbert will deliver Wake Forest University’s commencement address on Monday, May 18, 2015.

[…] “We are thrilled Stephen Colbert has accepted the invitation to speak at Wake Forest’s commencement ceremony,” said President Nathan O. Hatch. “I’m not sure what our graduates will enjoy more – how his creative genius reflects the exaggerated extremes of politics and contemporary life or how so many of us at Wake Forest will find ourselves on the receiving end of his jokes.”

Wake Forest’s commencement ceremony is a ticketed event reserved for graduates, their families and guests and is not open to the public. The ceremony takes place on Hearn Plaza at 9am. EST.

A livestream webcast of the ceremony will be available at Media who wish to attend must request credentials online by May 8.

Source: Wake Forest University News.

Mar 03

Stephen Colbert’s Chat with Fr. Jim at ‘America Magazine’

If you are Catholic like me (or even not Catholic at all), you will be excited to check out the full interview below with a Colbearded Stephen and Colbert Nation Chaplain Fr. Jim Martin.

Stephen mulls over what he might give up for Lent, talks about mentally gearing himself up as he walks into his offices at CBS (ahh!! so exciting to hear him say those words), and reveals the scripture reading he used at his wedding. He talks about how his confirmation name “Simon” is a secret homage to his brother Peter – clever, Stephen, clever! – and goes on to talk about overcoming fear, even managing to throw in a reference to the science fiction novel Dune. The conversation basically breaks down into a Catholic geek-out, with Stephen treating us once again to his “King of Glory” dance. Fr. Jim helps remind Stephen of the lyrics to the second verse, which showcases Catholic liturgical music’s interesting rhyming patterns.

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Mar 02

Six Degrees – February 2015 Catch Up

Six Degrees of Stephen Colbert Welcome to the ‘Six Degrees Catch Up Edition’ featuring all the latest happenings and goings on in the world of ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’ staff and ‘Friends of the Show’.

In this month’s catch up we have a new comedy album from Paul Mecurio, interviews with Michael Brumm, Steve Carell and Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon has a new ice cream flavour, the Second City shares a clip from Steve Carell’s graduation, and Conan goes to Cuba!

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Feb 28

Frank Underwood on ‘The Colbert Report’

Frank Underwood on The Colbert Report

Frank Underwood on ‘The Colbert Report’ | ‘House of Cards’ Season 3, Episode 1 (Chapter 27)

Season 2 of ‘House of Cards‘ ended with Frank Underwood being appointed President of the United States. Now six months into his new job, Season 3 sees Frank, a man used to winning, hit more than a few roadblocks. In one of the first signs of trouble for the newly appointed President, Frank struggles to explain a new jobs program while appearing as a guest on ‘The Colbert Report’, which Stephen Colbert is still hosting in the ‘House of Cards’ universe.

The full episode is available on Netflix, or you can full the full clip of Frank’s interview on Vulture.

*Please note: For those who have not watched the series, or completed season 2, the above clips contain spoilers.

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Feb 27

Stephen Colbert to Guest Star on ‘Rick and Morty’

New details have been released about “Rick and Morty” season 2 coming to Adult Swim this summer.

“Rick and Morty” was a huge breakout success that came from a web short done by Justin Roiland. When “Community” creator Dan Harmon temporarily fired from that show, he worked on “Rick and Morty,” which was an instant fan favorite. The show describes itself as “high concept sci-fi rigamarole.”

Not much is known about the second season though the creators have said it will have to do more with space and less with interdemensional travel. They have also teased one episode that will feature Beth and Jerry going to marriage counseling in space. Guest stars in this coming season include Jim Rash, Stephen Colbert and Werner Herzog in season two.


Feb 26

Fan Art: A Colorful Abstraction

Stephen Colbert Fan ArtWelcome to Fan Art, where we highlight the glorious manifestations of Stephen, as rendered by fans and talented artists.

If you are need of some nice beardless Fan Art during these bland wintry months, check out this colorful illustration by graphic artist Enrico Varrasso:

Stephen Colbert Illustration by Enrico Vasso

Enrico explains, “I created it using Adobe Illustrator after I manipulated a few images…I wanted to create the image because I’ve always been a huge fan… I consider him and his Colbert character an act of pure genius.”

Agreed! You can check out Enrico’s work on his website, and he has a great tumblr account as well. Let us know your thoughts about the work in the comments.

Feb 26

Stephen Colbert to Appear on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

Jerry Seinfeld on The Colbert Report

Jerry Seinfeld talking about ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ on ‘The Colbert Report’, July 17th, 2013.

Extra‘ spoke to Jerry Seinfeld at the New York premiere party for Colin Quinn’s new web series “Cop Show,” where he revealed some of the famous faces who will be appearing on the next season of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‘.

“Coming up this spring we have Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher, Steve Harvey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.”

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